Training & Facilitation

Question: ‘What if we train them and they leave?’
Answer: ‘What if we don’t train them and they stay?’

When your employees are fully present at work and adequately skilled to enjoy what they do, they will develop an owner’s mindset of your business – which can only benefit you. Instead of being disengaged, they will want to work for you, be productive and fulfilled, and do the right thing even when you’re not around to check on them.

The Y-Connect Training and Facilitation difference:

There can be many reasons for unhappiness and underperformance in teams. It could be a problem with your leadership, a general lack of cohesion among team members, or perhaps your business has undergone unsettling changes brought about by mergers or retrenchments.

Whatever the cause, we can help you and your leaders to identify the core issues causing the disengagement and paralysis, and then design a training course to overcome the problem.

We belief positive change is easy – and its ripple effect can be felt far and wide. A positive change in just one person can be contagious and have an impact throughout your organisation.

Our workshops are interactive and deeply engaging, because we believe employees will implement solutions effectively when they’ve played a meaningful part in creating them.

We offer a Women in Leadership read the case study here

We offer in-house courses on Presentation skills

Our training and consulting can be customised out of our Blue Print.

Why should you use us?

At Y-Connect we want to grow your business from the inside out and equip your employees to be leaders themselves. We believe a small shift in mindset and attitude can have a big, lasting impact on their conduct and how they engage with colleagues and clients. We strive to help them develop a higher sense of purpose and achieve a greater level of professionalism.

We train on a higher level than merely a skills set – we focus on your purpose, identity and core values to create a unique solution for your organisation. We offer group training at a venue convenient to you, with group and individual exercises, brainstorming as well as facilitated sessions. We integrate neurolinguistic programming techniques in all our sessions for a deeper impact.  

Our training topics focus on:

Emotional intelligence, leadership development, soft skills, presentation skills, sales and persuasion, understanding and integrating feedback.

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