Power of Persuasion Online Program

Overcome your fear of
public speaking

Do you want to attract more clients using video?

Do you want to run online workshops but don’t know where to start?

Or build your brand by doing radio and tv interview or public speaking?

Do you cringe when you listen to your own voice and you wish you could make your message sticky?

In this 6-week programme you will learn and practically develop your own messages, presentations and videos. You will also learn how to speak well, on-screen or off-screen.

Do you feel like this?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then Power of Persuasion is right for you.

Whether you have to communicate or present virtually over a podcast live stream, Zoom or Social Media platform or in person in front of a panel or audience, the Power of Persuasion Workshop will give you the necessary tools over 6 weeks to master any public speaking task.

#DidYouKnow that more people have a fear of public speaking than of dying? Statistics show that when meeting new people, the impact is 38% of our overall confidence and the quality of our voice.


HOW to say a message; getting those nonverbal cues right is just as important as the content of the message. This rings especially true when we do a job interview, speak in front of an audience or do a presentation at work. Mastering the POWER TO PERSUADE your audience, colleagues, future employer is the tipping point that will make you successful and convey your message clearly and eloquently.

You will feel:

The impact you will make:

“You will fly high during meetings over readio, TV and job interviews” – Yoke van Dam

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Course breakdown

The online mini course will be 6 weeks long and cover the following:

Building your Confidence

Week 1

Module 1

  1. Confidence hacks
  2. Develop and understand your personal brand
  3. Understand your audience/ clients’ world

Sharing your Personal Story

Week 2

Module 2

  1. How to share a story in business, media and job interviews
  2. Lessons from Hollywood

Writing your Presentation

Week 3

Module 3

  1. How to structure and write your presentation
  2. How to relate to your virtual and live audience
  3. Posture and body language

Presenting Virtually

Week 4

Module 4

  1. How to present on a virtual platform
  2. The right way to use your voice

Persuading audiences

Week 5

Module 5

  1. Persuasion techniques
  2. How to persuade potential clients to buy into your ideas
  3. How to allow your audience to remember your messages
Yoke van Dam

BONUS module:
Podcasts & livestreams

Week 6

Module 6

  1. Video pitches
  2. Podcasting & Livestreams 101
  3. How to interview someone online

About your Persuasion expert,
Yoke van Dam

Yoke van Dam is  a Professional Speaker and behavioural change coach.

Specialising in neurolinguistic programming, Yoke trains and coaches’ business leaders, executives, sales teams and individual staff members to find their voice, to step into their confidence and to tell stories that can connect to the heart and the mind of the audience.

While training national sales teams at AutoTrader, Yoke started experimenting with her NLP process to enhance the stickiness of her presentations. And now, years later, she teaches these strategies as part of her Power of Persuasion Presentation Bootcamp. To help leaders and client-facing delegates to speak in a way that an audience can remember them three days later and even five years later.

Her clients from this program have spoken on large stages for thesis presentations and conference addresses. Lecturers have learned to connect through storytelling with their large student audience, and IT specialists have won tenders and been listed on large vendor bases of corporate banks. An actress, Marianthe Stelle Smart, won funding with the Pitch SA to make her own short film, and there have been multiple success stories.

During her time working at Oxford Publishers, Pearson, and Entrepreneur magazine, she worked tirelessly after hours to develop her public speaking, training, leadership, and coaching skills through Toastmasters.

Yoke is an accredited Toastmasters International leadership trainer and has achieved the organization’s highest accolade, the Distinguished Toastmasters award, which recognises superior achievement in both communication and leadership. She is also a Professional member of the Public Speaker’s Association of South Africa.

Whether you or your team want to increase the attention span of your audience, make your message sticky and memorable, or talk in a way that clients want to listen to you, Yoke van Dam, Professional Speaker, is your go-to expert.

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Frequently asked questions about Power of Persuasion

Yes! This course is available as an inhouse program for clients. And can be customised for each clients’ specific requirements.

The course is in person, or virtual. And have been offered in person in Dubai, and to multiple companies in South Africa ranging from lawyers, to engineers, to academics, to advertising agencies.

All sessions will be recorded, and you will have access to these for a year after doing this course.  

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