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Empowering people to become effective leaders who they would follow

Training & Facilitation

Whether your sales team want to up their game, or staff morale and internal communication need a boost, we teach both the theory and practical skills to achieve the best outcome for your company and its people.


Leaders who lack confidence or interpersonal skills cannot get the most from their teams. Our individualised coaching sessions shape leaders who communicate effectively and inspire synergy.


Need an engaging speaker for your next conference or company event? We offer customised keynotes on topics such as behavourial change, persuasion and thought leadership delivered by a Distinguished Toastmaster.

Staff Engagement & Productivity Low?

A specialist in neurolinguistic programming, Yoke van Dam utilises emotional intelligence skills to help employees truly connect with their company’s culture, purpose and core values. She coaches leaders and team members to be more effective, which increases their overall productivity and improves their internal and external relationships. She also coaches business and team leaders to become engaging speakers who can deliver memorable presentations to small and large audiences.

The Y-Connect Difference

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At Y-Connect we hold ourselves to the following values:


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Frequently Asked Questions

For any other questions feel free to contact us by emailing

We make use of a vast amount of engagement tools, that will ensure that your team has the chance to:

engage, collaborate, brainstorm and partake in fun quizzes.  In our Presentation bootcamp the delegates all get the chance to present online as well.

  • All Y-Connects courses is fully customizable according to your specific needs and outcomes of your business. Set up a Zoom call or appointment to discuss your brief and objectives with Y-Connect.
  • We can include the company’s core values in the training as well.

We prefer using the Zoom platform, but are very open to using whatever platform you prefer. We prefer doing sessions for a maximum of 1.5 – 2 hours at a time, and break up a 1 or 2 day course, over a few days, or over a few weeks.

Neuroscience has proven that you can only concentrate so long, and we believe in implementation and interaction.

You can email our offices at with the following details:
  • Date of your event
  • The number of delegates attending
  • What is the purpose of the event?
  • What other speakers and topics will be on the agenda
  • What do you want to achieve through this Keynote, Workshop or Training session?
  • Please send your company organogram and any details that can assist Y-Connect in preparation before meeting to discuss your brief.
  • What were topics discussed in the year already?
  • Any training that you’ve given to this staff in the last 6 months please list them here.

All keynotes are customizable. Her topics range from Sales, to Leadership, to People Engagement, and changing behaviors. See here for more details (link to Speaking service)

  • Yoke has trained CEOs’, Directors of companies, Sales and Marketing directors and business executives. The types of coaching vary depending on the clients needs. Some CEO’s have asked to deal with anxiety in Public speaking. Others have dealt with Phobias, work-life balance, Leadership, resolving conflict and giving performance appraisals or hard feedback to their staff.
  • She has Coached Sales directors on Managing their teams, how to motivate them, and how to keep the teams accountable.
  • Her coaching can help you change patterns, create better habits, become a great leader that people will trust and want to follow.

Coaching can happen at your offices if you are based in Johannesburg, or over Zoom.

  • A data projector
  • Flipchart with markers
  • Notebooks for delegates
  • Tea’s and lunches for all delegates and trainer
  • We do offer our services outside of South Africa as well.
  • All travel and accomodation has to be provided by the agent who is making the booking, or can be billed seperately.
  • Please arrange a Skype or Zoom meeting to discuss your specific needs and to find out international training and speaking rates.
  • Please confirm your timezones, so that we can find a time that can work for both parties.
  • Please arrange an appointment to meet via email at so that we can arrange either a Skype or Zoom call.
  • Please send me three dates and timeslots that can work for you.
  • Here are my Skype details:

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