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How can professional speaking make a difference at your speaking event?

Yoke van Dam is a professional speaker, a behavioural change expert and a storyteller. She delivers her message using humour and energy, fully engaging the audience. She is respected as a thought leader in the sales, people engagement and leadership space. Her talks feature practical case studies, challenge perceptions and encourage change that can be implemented holistically.

Yoke van Dam has been called the Kintsugi Queen because of her ability to join, repair and transform teams into something quite wonderful.

Her work is like Kintsugi, the Japanese art form that mends broken pottery with gold.   Her tried and tested high-performance processes have seen even the most underperforming and fractured teams join together and become stronger and more remarkable.

She works with leaders who want to effectively articulate and communicate their vision so that their teams buy into it, and are prepared to follow them to hell and back to make sure that vision is achieved. 

If she is not advising, speaking or coaching in South Africa, you can also find her doing work abroad online or in person, hiking up a mountain, or having a glass of wine with her husband, Etienne.

You can look forward to Yoke:

  • Instilling a passion for persuasion, leadership, and feedback
  • Inspiring leaders to act with integrity
  • Challenging your team to live happy, productive lives.

Yoke speaks on   Behavioural change, Leadership and team development, Persuasion, and feedback. Download her Speaker kit here

Topic 1:Emotional Intelligence
"Putting a lid on toxic relationships"

Are you a woman in a male-dominated industry?

Are you so tired of being walked over, that you have started playing that game yourself, where you are now the person that brings others down?


In this 45-minute keynote Yoke van Dam will help you see the importance of psychological safety at work. She will help you identify what traps you and your team fall into.

You will learn how to put a lid on toxic relationships at work and build meaningful relationships with your team. You will be encouraged to be assertive while setting healthy boundaries and how to find ways of creating harmony, flow, and communication as a team.

Topic 2: Emotional intelligence
“10 ways to remain professional when your clients are driving you nuts"

As professionals and service providers, we are faced with the dilemma. Remain professional at all times, and be the facilitator, the guide, and the coach. We are always the Gandalf, never the Frodo.

We get triggered by the dilemmas our clients face, and often they can trigger you when they take their time signing a deal or deciding to ask for four quotes.

How can you build a growth mindset in business that will allow the flexibility of feedback and enhance relationships with your clients?

Topic 3 Strategic selling
"Pitch in a way that Michael Jordan would say yes".

  • Do you get overwhelmed when you are pitching against competitors for a gig? 
  • Do you want to run away the moment others step into the ring? 
  • Why do we cringe when we hear “new business development” or sales?
  • When Nike lost money in the ’80s, something urgently had to be done. And a Business developer, Sonny Vaccaro, employed serious strategies to win a big brand ambassador for Nike (Michael Jordan). Join us for this practical case study on one of the biggest deals that was ever struck and find strategies that you can use to sell strategically.

Topic 4: Sales
"How to make the horse thirsty"

Why are some leaders so effective in getting buy-in from their teams, and others get ignored? Some leaders have learned to become a Mavern, an influencer and a sales person.

  • In this keynote, we explore the ‘buying brain’ and how to get people to invest in your ideas, and action those ideas. 
  • Real-world examples of how to sharpen your persuasion and influence skills.  Learn new strategies for persuasion that you can implement for sales, marketing, and on a leadership level.
This talk is very popular for Sales conferences, team breakaways or as a leadership development keynote.

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