Why did a plane that was destined for Düsseldorf, Germany,
land in Edinburgh, Scotland?

This really happened to a British Airways plane in March 2019, and the mistake – 500 miles in the wrong direction – was only spotted when the pilot welcomed the startled passengers to the Scottish capital. While BA blamed a paperwork error, the pilot said he had no idea how it had happened.

Which begs the question: How often do you check your team’s flight plan to ensure it aligns with your business goals?

So many executives function on autopilot and are surprised when they don’t reach the goals they have set out for themselves. They end up shaming themselves and their staff, which leads to a culture of punishment and fear.

We want to help you change your flight plan, break the patterns that are not serving you and your team, and develop a strategy that will deliver the results you want. Through coaching for yourself, your leaders or your team you can start seeing drastic shifts in the attitudes and behaviour of your staff. This will have a direct impact on their engagement at work, their overall happiness – and your bottom line.

Why should you use us?

We belief that you and your team already have all the resources necessary to be the best version of yourselves. As your coach, we simply act as the facilitator of your journey. We challenge your beliefs, show you a different perspective and teach you the steps needed to reach your goals.

We want to take you from a state of inertia to a place where you can function optimally and thrive. Our coaching has a lasting impact and you can apply these techniques in both your professional and personal life. 

Our coaching is effective for:

Conflict resolution, leadership development, building confidence, overcoming anxiety, changing patterns of behaviour, interview preparation, thesis defence, confidence in public speaking and presentation, giving and receiving feedback, doing performance reviews.

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