5 reasons to speak on any platform

1. Be seen as the expert

If you get on a stage at a conference or any event, you will be seen as a Subject expert.

2. People will approach you

When you are the subject expert, the audience will speak to you afterward, versus you “cold calling” clients; they will already know your name, have seen a teaser of your work, and could book a meeting with you.

3. Increase your influence and persuasion skills

Speaking on stage or presenting at a meeting greatly increases your persuasive abilities. Add a special package to your speaking engagement, or offer a specific discount, free giveaways, and follow-up appointments, which will allow you to increase your sales conversions drastically.

4. You can use the same speech multiple times

The value of creating a good speech or presentation is that it can be used in more than one context. Can you write a core message or training session for your clients that can be given on a Roadshow in various cities? Can this content be reproduced in a corporate video or YouTube context? How can you re-purpose a speech and use it multiple times?

5. It gives you publicity

The speakers at Conferences, events, and corporate events often get quoted in the Press releases of the Public Relations Officer. They often send those out to multiple newspapers, and you can get free publicity for your company or brand in this way. Always ask the head of public relations to send you any mentions of yourself in the media, as well as share the photos or videos that were taken of you.

People care more about what others say about you than what you say about yourself.

Make sure that others are giving you feedback or writing about you on social media, News Channels, or even on video.

The moment you are seen as a Thought Leader on stage at a few conferences, you have a few articles published in newspapers or magazines. You can use this as leverage to secure Radio or television interviews. Producers are always looking for fresh content that their audience or listeners can benefit from. Can you do research on the specific channel, find out who the audience is, and see where your knowledge can benefit them? Always see where you can add value to a radio station.

But remember the privilege of the platform

You have a huge responsibility once you step on stage, address an audience, or hold a microphone. Realise how many people’s thoughts, attitudes, and actions you may be impacting. Have integrity and choose to do good through your words, be kind, inspire, and encourage change.

Where will you be speaking next? Let me know!

Written by Yoke van Dam