Yoke van Dam Professional Speaker at PSASA and Y-Connect

Speaking highlights of 2022

2022 was a busy year for Y-Connect and Yoke van Dam had many speaking opportunities.

Her speaking topics for 2022 were:

•January ‘22 -How to have a great conversation-Captaincy.me

•February ‘22 How to make your team hungry-Diplomat Leadership Conference

•1 April ‘22 Retaining your star performers-webinar with


•28 April ‘22 PSASA Pretoria: How to build credibility as a speaker

•26 May ‘22 MC at Captaincy. me Maslow Hotel

•8 July 22 Webinar B-Advisory: Leadership lessons from Top Gun

•July ‘22 Exiting fight and flight mode-social media conference

•August ‘22 Getting out of fight and flight mode: 1st for women Women’s event

•3 August 22 IWCP women’s month wellness: Breaking through the glass ceiling panel

•October ‘22 Strategic selling: Hirsch

•November ‘22 Win-win relationships-putting a lid on toxic relationships with Johese

•November ‘22 (Momentum via Physique Fit Wellness) –How to ace your elevator pitch and the importance of networking

Yoke van Dam was also featured in the media in 2022 and on various Podcasts and Masterclasses

  1. Mar 29, 2022 Interview Emotional Intelligence with Khensani Chauke on Zoe Live Radio
  2. 25 March 2022 Interview How to say, what you need to say? Yoke van Dam and Michael Lee from Innotivity chat
  3. 31 March 2022, Interview Innotivity Live – SpeakUp! with Yoke Van Dam part 2
  4. 5 April 2022, Interview The Power of Emotional intelligence with Khensani Chauke on Zoe Live Radio
  5. May 3, 2022 Masterclass: PSASA Pretoria Yoke van Dam -How I started my speaking and training business
  6. 29 June 2022, Ekurhuleni FM, Yoke van Dam Listening your super power for long-lasting relationships Segment 2
  7. Jul 8, 2022 Masterclass: Leadership lessons from Top Gun with B-Advisory
  8. 11 July 2022, Masterclass: Gauteng Business Forum- How to retain your star performers while building a remarkable team
  9. 3 August 2022 Women’s month: Panel interview: How to break the glass ceiling interview
  10. 1 September 2022 Masterclass Business model canvas with the Global Women Mastermind
  11. Sep 14, 2022 Interview on podcast Monique Blokzyl: Speak to earn. Habits on how you use speaking to boost your visibility and gain clients.
  12. YouTube interview 1 November 2022 Yoke Van Dam explains the privilege of using public platforms with Melanie Brummer

Reach out to us if you want to enquire about Yoke van Dam’s availability as a speaker.

You can download her approved images, bio and topics here