Do you want more engagement in your staff?

Do you want their attitude or mindset to shift?

Do you want your team to find meaning and purpose in their work?

That’s what we do.

Here are a few client stories we’d love to share

For the last 4 years Y-Connect have been on a journey with a client. And what has been rewarding is seeing the huge shifts taking place, and seeing that translate into the company culture.

We’ve seen knowledge get embedded, attitudes shift. Staff members getting promoted and change their roles and responsibilities. We’ve seen a shift in how they treat each other, how deeply they respect each other and what a massive impact that has on teamwork, camaraderie, and ultimately problem-solving, profitability, and the growth of the business.

What was exciting, was having their auditor call us and ask, what we’ve done with them, because she can’t recognise these people. Their engagement and communication styles have completely shifted.

Leadership development

For another client, we’ve noticed deep shifts in the leaders as we did monthly coaching sessions. We saw a leader, who had no confidence to lead. Step up, start becoming assertive and take on a servant leadership role. His fellow leaders also saw the changes, and said they can’t recognise him, from where he was a few months before. We noticed how hungry the leaders were to learn from each other. And how they craved hearing what others were doing and having a safe space for accountability, learning new ideas and keeping each other psychologically safe.

Developing KPI’S and accountability

Our team also worked with that leader on helping his sales teams to develop their KPI’s and to teach them how to have accountability sessions. What the leader had to realise is that there are certain habits and milestones that need to be put in place to help a salesperson achieve their target. By simply giving a number and not knowing what actions will help get them there-can be debilitating for a new salesperson to action. That is why a manager needs to give a roadmap to their staff to say: What will success look like? How can you achieve it? And how will we measure it?

Fun and gamification is always part of what we do. You can expect a quiz, a game, trivia or even punishment dancing. In recent culture work an artist even did a painting about two dancers-and said that he was amazed that an area that should have been “tough words” or “feeling bad” associated to it. Led to great cameradie, vibe and team spirit.

Conflict resolution and teamwork

Another client of ours in the medical space-were at each other’s throats. The team struggled to get along. This lead to a disruption of workflow and deadlines were being missed for this exco-level team. We started of our journey with a Team build and High-performance Teamwork program. Here we delved deeply into Emotional intelligence, communication styles and moving beyond being a manager to being a self-led leader that was hungry for growth, having a growth mindset-open for feedback.

After the two-day program we had 1:1 coaching with every team member for a few months, and shifts started happening. Team members started focussing on their own locus of control. Time-management shifted, attitudes
shifted, but they were willing to create their own ideal workspace. Once they understood things from their colleagues point of view-they were able to respond rather than react. They started changing how they give feedback-and a team member was inspired when she listened how her colleague was giving balanced feedback to another.

Tip for giving feedback

Very often-our criticism and constructive feedback that we so easily give-can impact everyone else that is listening in. Don’t just focus on the areas of growth-FIND THINGS that the person is doing well. That will make them more open to listening to you.

Don’t give all of the constructive feedback at ones, pick only a few -and notice patterns and rather address the
patterns first.

Through the years we have also done many once-off interventions 1 day or 2 day programs.

  • If you want to see actual changes in culture, staff engagement and leadership levels. Invest in a journey.
  • See if you can do something monthly, bi-weekly or quarterly.
  • Appoint a change champion in your business for further implementation.
  • Start a mentorship or sponsoring program and see how you can empower your people to change from the inside to take responsibility and hold each other accountable.

We would love to be your partner in your next development journey of your team.

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Written by Yoke van Dam – Mindset disruptor of leaders and teams, the
Kintsugi Queen.