How much effort would you put in?

A few weeks ago, I was drinking a cup of coffee with a bunch of friends, in Naledi Game reserve, when someone said: “Hey, who’s leopard crawling in the garden”?

My husband, the aspiring photographer knew that to get the best shots of the birds, he needed to be on their level. This was one of the shots.

If you are an expert in something, people might laugh at you, they might not understand “why you do what you do “, to get the results that you want.

Do it anyway, even if they laugh or don’t understand.

I remembered another Photography weekend of his. I was visiting my mom in Nelspruit, when at 5am I received a photo of him, on top of the mountain during sunrise.

He had gone camping close to the Magieliesburg mountains, gotten up at 3am, and with a headlamp hiked up the mountain-to get these shots. Lots of effort!

What effort do you put into your work?

  • If you knew what the ideal conditions would be-to win a pitch-or a presentation?
  • Would you do the effort?
  • Research the client?
  • Do a dry-run with colleagues?
  • Would you do the effort to get into a good state? By having enough sleep, a healthy meal and lots of water?

What are you doing to outperform everyone else?

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Written by Yoke van Dam. Follow her on LinkedIN or Subscribe to her YouTube channel here.