How can confidence boost your career & what does it have to do with Game of Thrones

1. Confidence can boost your career and open doors, just ask Tyrion!

One of my favourite characters in Game of Thrones was Tyrion Lannister. He had the wit, the charm, the personality, and the confidence to manoeuvre himself back into a leadership position, even starting from a jail cell.

Quick background in case you didn’t watch Game of Thrones:

Tyrion, had to escape King’s Landing when they suspected that he poisoned the King. He was part of the royal family and gave it all up to become a prisoner and find refuge in another land.

They quickly realized the knowledge that he had. His wisdom, personality and charm shone through and very soon he was advising the King…I couldn’t believe how he managed to bounce back!

“Can your personality, wisdom and confidence showcase that you are a leader, even if people don’t know you yet?” Yoke van Dam

People at work will judge you on your leadership ability, in split seconds looking at how confident you are. Confidence can lead to a promotion.

2. Confidence will transform a chaotic meeting, into a symphony -with you as the conductor

I often coach IT specialists, who need to lead meetings online, and who get so frustrated when 1 team member derails the entire meeting.

Often a client will simply be “shouting” louder than the rest, and if the Project Manager or IT lead is not assertive enough to bring the conversation back no headway is made. This

leads to meetings running over time, low morale and no progress is made.

By developing your confidence and stepping into your power, you can conduct or facilitate

the meeting like an orchestra conductor.

The conductor decides how the symphony will sound, the volume, the pace, when instruments will come in. Through coaching you can learn how to become confident in your meetings-to give turns to different people. To allow the introverts to speak up and to get buy-in and input from everyone.

3. Confidence will increase your Credibility

When I train my Power of Persuasion Bootcamp, I notice that if people are struggling with confidence, it looks like they don’t know what they are talking about. The moment their confidence lifts, they smile more, and they become more authentic and credible. I recently coached an actress who competed in the Pitch SA, her and her business partner had written a script and were pitching for funding to get the film made. My advice to her was your confidence will show the judges that you believe in the viability of your film, the business model, and your message. By applying NLP processes, visualisations and working on limiting beliefs she aced that pitch and won the funding.

Do you need to do work around your confidence, so people trust your message and credibility more?

So in a nutshell, confidence can get you a promotion, like Tyrion Lannister.

By being confident, you can conduct that meeting into a perfect symphony.

You can win a pitch and increase your credibility by being more confident.

At Y-Connect, we specialize in building your confidence. This is done through 1: 1 coaching sessions including work with NLP, time-line strategies, uncovering limiting beliefs and various other strategies. We do work with Executives to boost their leadership teams and help them uncover behaviours that are holding them back.

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Written by Yoke van Dam, Mindset disruptor of leaders and teams, Presentation coach and Kintsugi Queen.