How can your staff be more productive from home?

Is your team not finding it easy to be productive from home? What are some tips that can help your team to be less distracted and more focused?

Have a dedicated workspace

Ensure that you move away from your bed, towards a desk when you start your day. Get up and dress up. When you dress more professionally; you will feel prouder of your work and can easily switch into work-mode. Make sure that you know that there is a difference between “off” and on-time.

Have clear outcomes

Know what you want to achieve by the end of the day. An easy strategy is to jot 3 things down on a post-it and sticking it against your wall and referring to this throughout the day.

Have check-ins

Have check-in times

In the same way as you would have a “stand-up” or status update meeting first thing in the morning, where everyone goes around and says what they will be doing. Can you schedule a Zoom call where everyone says what they want to achieve? This call can last for 15 minutes. Make sure that it’s the same time as everyone has had in the past, so you don’t change schedules around.

Block out times in your diary

When planning your week for the “online-meetings”, but then also plan what you will be doing to help keep you on track.

How to stop being distracted?

You can subscribe to: Self-control and Mindful browsing  and a few more sites ( that can guide you away from social media and other distractions.

Have set working times to be productive from home

What you will find when working from home, is that you will probably we able to start working earlier -since you are not sitting in traffic. Can your workday start and end earlier? Can you still give yourself a lunch time, and even prepare your lunch like before so that it saves time?

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