How to become a Persuasive powerhouse like Oprah, Ellen and Michele Obama

What sets Oprah, Ellen and Brené Brown apart from others? What makes them so successful?

They all have the ability to persuade others and they excel at Public speaking.

Why should you as a Leader learn how to address an audience through public


Your success will depend on your ability to influence other key-role players in your industry and persuade them to accept your ideas, products, or services. As a leader, you need to influence various stakeholders, including your staff and your clients.

Persuasive skills can also enhance your personal life and the lives of your family and friends and help you become financially independent.

How do you do this?

By stepping up and embrace the best tool of persuasion: public speaking.

The time for female leaders and entrepreneurs to step up and enter center stage is now.

This was evident at the 2018 Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking® when history was made and first, second and third place all went to women.

The coveted World Championship title went to Ramona J. Smith, a high school teacher from Houston, Texas. Ramona blew audiences away with her power to persuade. She delivered a powerful performance with “Still Standing” and beat out 30 000 other contestants around the world.

Ramona persuaded her listeners to keep on trying even when you’ve failed and fallen several times. Smith told Business Insider the various ways she’s improved her skills since she first began public speaking in 2014. Her biggest improvements were learning how to talk slower, ask the audience questions, and move fearlessly across the stage.

Watch Ramona’s award-winning performance below

Most people fear public speaking more than death. And the idea of doing a presentation in a boardroom gives them butterflies in their stomach. In our Power of Persuasion Bootcamp, we get those butterflies to fly into a formation.

Do you need to need to prepare for:

  • A sales presentation
  • A vendor pitch;
  • Speaking to your staff
  • A conference address

We would love to help you get ready.

In one full-day we will teach you how to craft a speech that speaks to every personality style, that hits the nail on the head every time and shows real results.

The six core areas that we will focus on are:

  1. Voice – hitting the right notes
  2. Technology
  3. Storytelling
  4. Memory enhancers
  5. Structure of a video Pitch
  6. Presenting and Feedback

Contact Yoke van Dam at if you want to find out more about this Presentation Bootcamp, for you as a leader and your team.

Let us review, the second-place winner, “Sherrie” with her speech titled “Turn around”.

What stood out from her performance is that English is not her native tongue and that

Sherrie only learned to speak English two years ago. In South-Africa, we have 11  official languages, but English remains the language of the boardroom.

In the Power of Persuasion Presentation Bootcamp, you will get an opportunity to present and receive instant feedback on your pronunciation and grammatical errors you make and feedback on your body language and vocal variety.

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