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The Opportunity Podcast -Power of Unity January 2023

This podcast we Interview Yoke Van Dam from Y- Connect and we discuss building effective teams in the workplace by providing strategies and tactics to increase communication, collaboration, and team dynamics. From setting team goals to developing interpersonal relationships, this podcast will help strengthen team performance and morale

Why are listening skills so crucial for relationships, business, and life? In this radio interview on Zoe Live radio, Yoke van Dam is interviewed by Khensani Chauke on the skills she teaches in her Interpersonal training programs. 

Wondering how to use speaking to grow your business? Join us to hear why Yoke van Dam has been called the ‘Kintsugi Queen’ and how she can help you to get 25 new connections a day without even reaching out to them. In our Inspiring Interview, discover: – The Best ways of public speaking to get your name out there – Secure great speaking opportunities on other people’s stages – Get booked as an interviewee on podcasts – Turn interviewing others into additional income – Use Strategic Selling to gain more high-end clients – Apply Yoke’s #1 Social Selling tip to make it easy for people to connect with you – Boost your LinkedIn Engagement to gain clients during and after your stage times – Find creative ways of going viral with your LinkedIn pos

In this conversation between Yoke Van Dam we chat about how different people use social networks to craft or provoke different responses. We touch on reputation management, personal self-control and healthy boundaries.

Amazing Meetings  14 May 2020

Bartosz and Louis interview Yoke van Dam who is a professional speaker and an avid NLP practitioner. Yoke shares how to be aware of your own state an how to choose it! In our interview Yoke talks about techniques on how to deal with feeling overwhelmed, how to centre yourself and understand your emotional status. She unpacks what can a shift in physiology mean for a facilitator in the room and offers advice on how to relate to your audience to make them loosen up. Yoke describes the importance of storytelling and questioning your inner negative voice. In this take-away rich session, she also hints on how to make your clients use you more often.

Specialising in neuro linguistic programming, Yoke van Dam trains and coaches business leaders, executives, sales teams and individual staff members the tangible skills that can deliver the outcomes they want. She also presents keynotes in corporate and other settings to bring about positive change. In this episode, you’ll learn: * Why language and how we phrase things is so important (in terms of what the brain taps into and what words we hear, what words we tend to discard as well) * How we can get PR opportunities to build our brand and business * Yoke’s story on how she used her NLP superpower to save a team building event

Why is Presentation skills no longer a soft skill? How can public speaking and the confidence to present elevate you as a leader, as a sales manager or salesperson? In this 30-minute Radio interview with Dave Nemeth and Yoke van Dam on the Design Authority, we discussed some core presentation hacks when presenting at a large conference.

Yoke van Dam was interviewed on Mix FM on Monday 8th October 2018 by David Watts, on Watts Involved 6-7pm. They spoke about: Persuasion, Presentation skills, connection and Rehab for Digital addicts.

7 November 2018 Conflict resolution interview with Ostara Studio

We all have difficult moments with clients. Solving those issues, might be as simple as looking at what you are in control of. Yoke van Dam is a Behavioural Change trainer and facilitator. She specialises in Neuro-linguistic programming and has a decade of experience in training and coaching teams, sales leaders and executives in the Finance, Publishing, Marketing and Automotive Industries. With her help, we look at conflict resolution and what you can do as a photographer to resolve conflict with clients.


What tech do we require for speaking?

  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the venue selected for professional speaking engagement is:
  • Suitable for the purposes of a presentation.
  • The speaker makes use of her own laptop during presentations and requires the necessary furniture to be available on stage in order to make use so thereof. The positioning of said furniture is required to be placed in a manner as to allow the speaker to have sight and range thereof during the presentation.
  • That the client should provide a data projector and screen. The screen should be large enough so that the entire audience has a clear view of it.
  • Audio equipment must be available and be able to connect to the speakers laptop using an HDMI connection.
  • Suitable microphones need to be provided. The preference is a countryman headset mic, however lapel mic, headset mic or handheld mic will be acceptable.

Short bio

Yoke van Dam has been called the Kintsugi Queen because of her ability to join, repair and transform teams into something quite wonderful.

Her work is like Kintsugi, the Japanese art form that mends broken pottery with gold..   Her tried and tested high-performance processes have seen even the most under-performing and fractured teams join together and become stronger and more remarkable.

She works with leaders who want to effectively articulate and communicate their vision so that their teams buy into it, and are prepared to follow them to hell and back to make sure that vision is achieved. 

If she is not advising, speaking or coaching in South Africa, you can also find her doing work abroad online or in person hiking up a mountain, or having a glass of wine with her husband Etienne.

Longer bio

Yoke van Dam has been called the Kintsugi queen™ because of her ability to join, repair and transform teams and turn them into something quite wonderful.

  She’s staked her hard-won reputation on the premise that all teams can be turned around to become collaborative, committed, and cohesive superstars of the organisations they serve. 

As a qualified behavioral change coach with verifiable in-the-field experience (2000+ team members, 2 300+ hours training, and 350+ coaching hours), she would love to uncover the real issues holding your teams back. Through her hard-won experience (17 years) and tried and tested high-performance processes, she has seen even the most fissured and fractured teams join together and become strong and remarkable.

She works with leaders who want to effectively articulate and communicate their vision so that their teams buy into it and are prepared to follow them to hell and back to make sure that vision is achieved, as well as new, untested leaders who need a strong foundational roadmap of how to work with and lead teams to successful outcomes.

She is passionate about the buying brain and became obsessed with persuasion, sales, and influence ever since she was selling pizza at the age of 15.  She empowers leaders and teams to find their voice, step into their power and speak in a way that people want to listen to them. Today, as a qualified behavioural change coach, she teaches leaders and sales professionals how to get people to buy into their ideas and to action them. 

 Her advisory, speaking and coaching work empowers leaders and teams to create meaningful workspaces by tapping into their purpose and enhancing human conection. She empowers leaders and teams with confidence and influence, to find their flow and develop a growth mindset. The specific areas she focuses on are Leadership development, Culture, Emotional intelligence, Time-management, Negotiation,  Communication, and Presentation skills.

Her clients have been as diverse as sales executives, business leaders and owners, customer service agents, marketers, lawyers, engineers, and accountants. The industries she has covered range from automotive, retail, manufacturing, and engineering to advertising, publishing, legal, and academic.

She is the founder of Y-Connect and a Professional member of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA). 

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Approved photos for download

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