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 Is there a win-lose mentality at your business?
What behaviour, attitude, or skill is damaging your bottomline?
 Change is inevitable. Did you know that it is paramount for positive transformation?
As Change Agents our workshops, presentations and keynote will help you and your organisation transform by improving your interpersonal skills, facilitating conflict resolution and building win-win relationships at work and at home.
"I enjoyed how practical the Power of Persuasion was. The trainer made participants comfortable to share and discuss their own situations so we could learn from each other."  Radhi Vandayar - -ICAS

  1. Persuading with Power series
    Persuading with Power series
    Presentation Boot Camp
  2. Upgrade your mindset
    Upgrade your mindset
    Emotional Intelligence Become the leader you would follow
  3. People Skills 101
    People Skills 101
    Developing your team's interpersonal skills.
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Download flyer
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Power of Persuasion Presentation Bootcamp

Download the course  brochure here
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director

 Imagine if you could jump at any chance of presenting, knowing that you will have the confidence to wow that crowd, close that deal or get people on your side.
Learn from an Expert to command attention of your audience and how to present with power.
This interactive course will give you the theory, and the practical feedback to help you build confidence for your next presentation.
Ideal for: Management, team leaders, or executives that need to persuade clients to stay onboard with a product or with the company.
Also great for Management that need to do Board presentations to Shareholders.
Other audiences: Graduates and interns who want to become employable.

Target audience and prework

Upgrade your mindset with Emotional Intelligence

 A leader with a high Emotional intelligence will create a culture of safety and stability for his team.

Emotional intelligence course for leaders.
1)To create healthy win-win relationships.                    2) Conflict Management.
3) Professionalism. Looking at listening skills, time-management and state management.              

4. Communication.
Download the course brochure here

People Skills 101
Developing your team's Interpersonal Skills

“The meaning of communication lies in the response you receive.” How can you learn to motivate your tribe to be more productive, more engaged and more connected with each other?

 •  Is there a behaviour, attitude or skill that is          costing your business money?
• Is your staff constantly in a battle
   with each other?
• Would you like your staff to treat each other with respect?
•Is your staff not finding it easy to understand each other’s cultures?

​In this course we aim to empower you with People Skills that can allow your staff to become the greater version of themselves. The aim of the course is to uncover what behaviours can be damaging, to become self-aware, and to grow. 

Download the course brochure here

Testimonials on People Skills 101 course:

 "Wow I highly recommend Y Connect to any business, staff morale, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence heightened.

Y-Connect offered 4 interventions for Poswa Inc across all branches in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Umhlanga. We look forward to further implementation and Culture workshops in all regions." Linda Kgasoane-Human Resources at Poswa Incorporated.
 "On behalf of the Bloemfontein Poswa Inc Team I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to you for travelling to Bloemfontein yesterday and presenting your training workshop at our offices.  Your presentation was enlightening and inspirational. I have already noticed an improvement in the way that things are being done at the Bloem offices. Everyone here had a “frog” for breakfast. We’ll continue to work hard towards becoming more productive and emotionally mature.  "
Natassja Nel -Poswa Inc
Associate | Conveyancer | Notary

Testimonials on the Power of Persuasion Presentation Bootcamp:

  "The skills that I can apply in my career going forward are Presentation skills and Body language tips. I learnt how to construct a short presentation, tips on containing my nerves, how to be confident, and to apply positive thinking. I look forward to one on one training on presentation skills" -Liezel van Tonder-Business Owner
"I really enjoyed the feedback you gave me and will use this going forward. I cannot wait to use what I have learnt from these two days" -Jade Miskin-Marketing Specialist-Accelerate Brand Services
"My favourite key learning is that your voice has an image where one can paint a picture using tone, pitch and speed of your voice while speaking. This technique is key in story telling evoking emotion in your audience which can change their beliefs.  Anyone who is client facing can benefit from this workshop since it provides tangible and implementable tools for positioning ones self as a trusted adviser." ​Sabrina Andreucci -Social Media 101​​

​​​As I have never been able to stand up and give a talk or presentation with confidence and believing in myself, I have found this course to be of huge value to me in all areas. I found the practical sessions and group discussion of value. Yoke speaks from the heart and shares interesting, relevant information in today's world.  "I think everyone should attend this course. From school kids to adults. Its not only learning how to present, its learning to how to structure conversations, story telling, confidence and personal branding.  - Lauren Baxter -Interior Designer


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